Sean's First Day of School

by Matt Davis

Dad: Are you excited about your first day of school?

Sean: Not yet.
Dad: Why?
Sean: I want to go to mom’s first and then school. Then I’ll be happy.
When we got to school he was excited. Took him to his class and the teacher showed us his cubby with a picture of a panda on it. He asked if he could have a lion instead. We put his extra clothes in his box and he showed the teacher his batman underwear. He washed his hands and was there in time for breakfast even though he already had cereal at home.
The other kids were washing their hands and Sean told the teacher one boy wasn’t “washing his hands right” and that he was splashing water. He sat down at the table and told the teacher he was going to pretend he was eating (since the plate was there but no food yet). I told him to have a good day and his teacher said she remembered that he had a sense of humor.

He seemed a little sad when we dropped Sage off but other than that he was great.

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