by Matt Davis

In the tradition of turning nifty jQuery scripts into Textpattern plugins here is another plugin based on an idea from the forums.


Adds a Microsoft Office style “minibar” to the Write tab based on an article by JANKO.

Download msd_minibar


Out of the box it supports *strong*, __italic__ and h1. heading. You can add additional options by editing the “Add More Buttons” Block at the beginning of the plugin code.

#Add more! Button Name		array( "tag" => "button",
#	   Inserted before		"start" => "before",
#	   Inserted after		"end" => "after"
#					)			

For +inserted text+ you’d add to $msd_menu_items like this:

$msd_menu_items =  array(	array( "tag" => "b",
					"start" => "*",
					"end" => "*"
				array( "tag" => "i",
					"start" => "_",
					"end" => "_"
				array( "tag" => "h1",
					"start" => "h1. ",
					"end" => ""
				array( "tag" => "u",
					"start" => "+",
					"end" => "+"


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