• OpenCart Implementation

    Helped a local business owner set up an OpenCart installation and template with minor customizations.

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  • msd_piwik_dashboard

    A plugin for Textpattern to integrate Piwik Web Analytics with the Textpattern Administration console.

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  • msd_minibar

    In the tradition of turning nifty jQuery scripts into Textpattern plugins here is another plugin based on an idea from the forums.

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  • msd_article_image_colorpicker

    Adds the thumbnail of the first Article Image to the Article Write page and turns it into a color picker allowing authors to easily associate a color from the image with the article.

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Portfolio of Matt S. Davis

My name is Matt Davis. I'm a single father to three amazing kids who make me laugh every day. I also dabble in stuff like this:
  • Content Management
  • Java, PHP
  • JavaScript, jQuery, Dojo
  • Photography
  • Landscapes
  • Textpattern Plugins
  • Web Development

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